Dear customer!
Here are just a few advantages of using our ordering centre:

1) All ordered products in one "Ordered products" view. Based on the products and discounts agreed upon with the account manager, a customer account will be opened for you. You always have an overview of your product stocks and current prices. Orders can be entered 24/7, to which an automatic confirmation can also be sent.

1Advantages of the ordering centre photo 1

2) As a loyal customer, you can see our stock levels in real-time. Our warehouse is your warehouse.

Advantages of the ordering centre photo 2

3) For regular customers, orders with payment terms - for good partners, we also gladly offer payment terms.

4) Quick order assembly. We are only human, and sometimes it happens that your account manager is not at the desk.

-To prevent orders from getting stuck in such situations, we have created an automatic system where orders from clients with payment terms go directly (after checking for any outstanding debts) to the warehouse for assembly. This is provided that you have no outstanding debt with us.

-For customers without a payment term, assembly takes place immediately after the payment has been received.

5) Fast delivery - Orders made before 2:00 PM usually arrive on the mainland the next business day.

Delivery to the islands may take up to 2 business days.

6) Tracking link for most shipments - for most of our shipments, you will also receive a tracking link with the shipping confirmation email.

This list is constantly being updated; we have many more innovations in store :)

Henri Reinfelt

Development Manager