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Cone-shaped plastic boxes (with lid)

Cone-shaped plastic boxes (with lid)

Space-saving, high-quality plastic boxes are durable and a cost-effective solution for empty storage and transport. Due to its slightly conical shape, the boxes can be stacked inside each other and therefore save 75% of space.


Features of boxes:

  • Ability to stack in and on top of each other.
  • Especially durable
  • 75% space saving when empty during transport

NB! If you did not find a suitable size or product, please contact us. All sizes and products are not listed on the website.

Cone plastic box with lid, 30x20x19 cm, 5.2 liters
8.00 €
Conical plastic box with lid, 40x30x24 cm, 16 liters
13.10 €
Cone plastic box with lid, 40x30x34 cm, 25 liters
15.50 €
Cone plastic box with lid, 60x40x29 cm, 46 liters
20.70 €
Cone plastic box with lid, 60x40x34 cm, 55 liters
19.00 €
Cone plastic box with lid, 80x60x34 cm, 104.8 liters
52.00 €