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Wooden pallets and pallet collars

Wooden pallets and pallet collars

Pallet collars are available in 1/2 EUR, EUR, and FIN sizes and are suitable for the safe transport and storage of goods. These strong collars provide excellent protection for the cargo and allow for the gradual unloading of the pallet by removing the collars one by one.

Thanks to the hinges, the collars are foldable and take up little space during transport and storage. The sturdy construction ensures long-lasting reusable products.

Wooden pallet 800x1200mm with EPAL marking
18.60 €
1/2 EUR pallet collar, 600 x 800 mm
16.80 €
EUR pallet collar, 800 x 1200mm, with 1 board
18.20 €
EUR pallet collar lid 800x1200x12mm, OSB
12.40 €
Fixating corner of pallet collar
1.90 €